The Decorator


Artist: Norman Rockwell

Edition: 160/750

Image size: 14 3/8: x 20 1/2″

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In this painting, Norman Rockwell shows us a potential conflict between husband and wife.

The husband is sitting in his old comfortable chair. He is enjoying his pipe and reading his newspaper.

His wife, the “decorator,” is seeing how she can spruce up the room. One of her options is changing the upholstery on her husband’s chair.

Notice the look of concern on his face. His favorite place in the world, his haven, is being threatened with sprucing up.

The fabrics the wife is considering do not look like what this fellow considers manly.

The woman seems determined to carry through with her decoration on their living space.

Maybe they can reach a compromise. Maybe the man can just buy a new chair for the space and move his old favorite to another room.



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